Trust Administration

We help trustees through their very important role as they carry out the original intentions of the trust.

The Probate Process

We help guide executors and administrators through the probate process.

Caring for an Aging Parent

Our goal is to help you through the steps needed to ensure that everything is in place while caring for an aging parent.

After Having a Baby

Your life changes instantly when you have a baby who is completely dependent upon you. Make sure you have a plan in place to make sure they will always be cared for the way you intend.

Business Succession Plan

Many of our clients are business owners. We help them plan how the business will be passed along to the next generation or next owners.

Special Needs Planning

Making sure that your loved one is going to continue to be cared for on a daily basis from trusts, to government benefits and someone who understands the specific daily wants and needs.

Just Married - What Now?

When you get married there are several estate planning issues that should be taken care of to ensure benefits and decisions for each of you are addressed according to your wishes.

Elder Care Planning

Whether it is for yourself, a spouse or a family member we help your position your assets to your besta advantage and make sure that all needed ducuments are in place.

Heading to College

When your child goes off to college make sure they have a plan and the documents in place so that if needed, the person of their choice can be their voice.

Power of Attorney

Every estate plan should have a power of attorney named for financial and medical needs.

Lifetime Protection Trust

How transition assets to your children on a schedule and in a manner you plan in advance.