Lifetime Protection Planning and Why it Matters to You and Your Family


Often times as part of estate planning, clients need to protect the inheritance they leave from their beneficiaries. One way to do this is through using Lifetime Protection Trusts.

A Lifetime Protection Trust holds the inheritance you leave for your loved “in trust” for their benefit. This provides them with essential protections that can only be received through the trust structure.

By establishing a Lifetime Protection Trust for your family members, the inheritance that you leave to them is protected from the beneficiaries’ creditors (for example if they experience a bankruptcy or other financial hardship, the beneficiaries” creditors cannot attach or claim the inheritance that you leave) and from the beneficiaries” spouses. For example, as long as the property remains in trust, a beneficiary spouse will not have a claim against the trust property in the event of a divorce or legal separation, or at death.

Lifetime Protection Trusts also protect from estate taxes that can be levied against a beneficiary’s estate. By keeping the property “in trust,” it does not become part of their estate for tax purposes and consequently is beyond the reach of the government’s taxing power.

These are very important benefits that can only be provided by you – the person leaving the legacy for your children. Without a Lifetime Protection Trust, these protections evaporate. Lifetime Protection Planning is an essential tool in today’s economy and financial environment, and should be considered by most estate planning clients.

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